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SciState is Scott Baldridge’s and my attempt to create a space where world-class scientists can discuss their latest research. We’ll be keeping the discussion at the general interest level. We’ll be posting two series of videos, one collection accessible to precocious high-schoolers and another for beginning graduate students.

Clayton Shonkwiler – Graduate Colloquium

Intended Audience: Graduate students, undergraduates and research mathematicians.  Ambitious high-schoolers, teachers and parents may also enjoy watching this video.

In this episode we see a Graduate Colloquium talk presented by Clayton Shonkwiler, a mathematician at Colorado State University who is speaking to us about “A Geometric Perspective on Random Walks with Topological Constraints”. Continue reading

Clayton Shonkwiler – An Advanced Perspective

Intended Audience: Mathematicians, graduate students and ambitious high school students.

We continue our interview with Clayton Shonkwiler on applications of geometry and topology to random walks/polygons and polymer science, but now at a graduate student level. To see the earlier interview with Clayton geared at a high-school level, go to: Meet Mathematician Clayton Shonkwiler. Continue reading

Meet Mathematician Clayton Shonkwiler

Intended Audience: Everyone, and especially teachers who want to show to their students a mathematician explaining the motivation behind their own research.

In this episode we meet Clayton Shonkwiler, a mathematician from Colorado State University, who talks to us about applications of geometry and topology to the study of random polygons and polymer science. Continue reading

Meet Mathematician Jeremy Van Horn-Morris

Intended Audience: College students, and high school students who think they may be potential math geniuses.

In this episode we meet Jeremy Van Horn-Morris, a mathematician from the University of Arkansas, who talks to us about some geometric and visual tools mathematicians use to understand questions in classical physics concerning the motion of particles. Continue reading