SheaI’m an Associate Professor of Mathematics at Louisiana State University. Before arriving at LSU, I was a NSF Postdoctoral Fellow at Columbia University and a Ph.D. student at the University of Pennsylvania. I received my doctorate back in 2009 under the supervision of John Etnyre and Herman Gluck.

My research centers on questions in contact geometry, low-dimensional topology, knot theory and Riemannian geometry. My work addresses classification and structure problems for contact 3-manifolds as well as the Legendrian and transverse knots they contain. I am also interested in questions lying in the intersection between classical knot theory and Riemannian geometry. I study geometric invariants in magnetohydrodynamics and, specifically, higher-order analogues of helicity invariants of vector fields.

Teaching: This semester, I am teaching a second-semester graduate topology course and co-teaching a year-long Vertically Integrated Research (VIR) course.

Virtual Low-Dimensional Topology: Check out the latest virtual seminars and other activities in low-dimensional topology here.

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My Postdoctoral Mentees:
C.-M. Mike Wong

My Current Graduate Students:
Ryan Leigon (co-advisor with Scott Baldridge)
Rima Chatterjee
Sudipta Ghosh (co-advisor with Scott Baldridge)
– Robert Quarles (co-advisor with Oliver Dasbach)
– Justin Murray

My Past Graduate Students
Federico Salmoiraghi, Ph.D. Louisiana State University, 2019.
• Thesis: Equivalence of contact gluing maps in sutured Floer homology
• Currently a Postdoctoral Fellow at Technion

Jose Ceniceros, Ph.D. Louisiana State University, 2017.
• Thesis: Legendrian and Transverse Invariants Coming from Knot Floer Homology
• Currently an Assistant Professor at Hamilton College